I have vast experience working with software development (C, C++, C# and Python) and I am passionate about all fields of software development and architecture. I worked in embedded development but also in web software development, giving me a dual set of skills in software development. I am twenty-five years old and I have already more than five years in a company and my Master's degree. Furthermore, I have worked in an various companies, association and as self-employed. I enjoy working with a pragmatic team of people, following Agile and Lean development methodologies (Scrum) and regulary read up of new technologies and innovations.

Snowlab - Remote Work
Back-end Software Engineer

January 2018 to present

Responsabilities: Support on development with Symfony framework when asked by Snowlab (only a few project/support per year).

Back-end Software Engineer

September 2018 to present

Responsabilities: Primarily back-end software development with some front-end development as required by my client.

Using Django framework, I developed an entire website and web application from scratch to meet my client's requirements. I use a Linux server to host all my projects as I am most proficient in this OS. I am doing this on my freetime only.

In addiction, I also manage the non-technical part: meet the client, discust with him and understand his needs and then, propose him a solution in his budget.

Klas Telecom - Dublin, Ireland
Embedded Linux Engineer

from September 2017 to March 2019

Responsabilities: Embedded software development for networking applications on Linux real-time system with Cisco-like CLI.

Here, I was involved in various technical tasks, like: integrating new functionnalities (MSTP, Radius authentication, ...) but also debbuging and improvement on the embbeded software and/or Linux library.

In addiction, I was also involved in a large French business opportunity as technical and translator helper for the French engineer.

IBM - Dublin, Ireland
Digital Sales Specialist

from January to September 2017

Responsabilities: Primary contact for pricing, deliveries and orders as well as looking for new opportunities.

As a member of the sales team, I was responsible for maintaining good business relationships with a number of IBM's clients. My main role was to work with the client and the network engineer to manage and coordinate new and on-going projects. Pricing, tenders, complex delivery, client relationships and looking for new opportunities were all responsibilities included in my role.

Airbus Helicopters - Marignane, France
Software Engineer

from September 2013 to September 2016

Responsabilities: Client support for test benches and software research and development for future test benches

I worked as an architect for a new generation of benches for Airbus Helicopters. This new generation had to be generic and connected across the Airbus Group network (around the country but also around the world). I worked in close collaboration with future clients and my head department but also with several senior engineers who had a lot of experience in development of benches. I had only one target: synchronise (in real-time) two benches located on different location, a great challenge. Over my three years, I was also a support client, when a client needs help or have a problem during the scenarios, I come on the bench and fix the problem.

Research and development: I architected three different solutions but each solution had the same languages: C++, Python and C#. I had to manage several people to create my own test bench and my scenarios. I organized one progress meeting each week and implement the Scrum method at my team. Moreover, I had to think about the maintainability, testability and performance of my solution.

Innovation project: It was my first project as an engineer, I had to develop a remote control system for the benches. The user could be control all benches from his laptop everywhere around the world with a secure connection. I worked in close collaboration with IT department regarding the secure access. The hardware and software part was under my responsibility but also the financial, project management and scheduling part. I am very proud of my first project; it was a success.

Support client: In addiction to my other project, occasionally I had to help our customer on our benches. Unless a shutdown was necessary, but sometime I was required to investigate issues, debug software applications, troubleshoot network configurations, hardware configurations, software problems or any other issues.

Airbus Helicopters - Paris, France
Trainee technician

from April to June 2013

Association & others projects

Solar Car Solutions
Embedded Software Engineer

September 2014 September 2017)

Mission: Software integration of sensors, electrical engine and display management (from scratch)

I was the junior engineer on the development team creating C solutions for the new SolarCarSolutions solar and electrical car. This was an advanced solar and electrical car because they had wone three times the European Championship, and we needed to develop a new architecture. The role required a deep understanding of physics and computing science and we had to make the consumption as small as possible.

I was involved in all stages of the development (project, coding, testing and stabilisations/improvement) and after a few months I started as the new software focal point for SolarCarSolutions association. Of course, I was learning a lot of things and practice all the theory I had learned during my studies.