ISEN Engineering School - Marseille
Master degree - Software Engineer with Embedded System

3 years

Known as Yncrea now (since 2017), after three years I got my Software Engineer Master degree also as apprentice in Airbus Helicopters. I worked three days per week at Airbus Helicopters and attended two and a half days at school. During my studies, I was working in an association called Solar Car Solutions and I represented the school during several competitions. Finally, the main area of my Engineering degree is: computer-science, embedded system/programming, software project management (team, finance, planification, monitoring), how to develop on Linux, Web and Embedded system, mathematics and physics.

Institue Universitaire de Technologies - Marseille
Diplôme Universitaire de Technologies option Electronique et Informatique Industriel

2 years

Equivalent to University in English, I got my DUT (Diplôme Universitaire Technique) after two years and three months as trainee at Airbus Helicopters in Paris, France. The main area was: computer-science, embedded programming, electronics and physics but also a lot of mathematics and all the basics regarding the telecommunication, networking system and logics.

Lycée Pierre Mendes France - Vitrolles
Technical Bachelor degree (with honors)

2 years

The main focus was on computing-science and embedded programming but also electronics and physics.